Analitics services

Laben – CHILE offers analytical services companies enabling them to improve the quality of its products and increase their technological development and competitiveness.

Among the analytical services that you can find in our laboratory include:

servicios-dscBarrier properties:
Oxygen permeability (OTR)
Water vapor permeability (WVTR)
Permeability to gases and aromas
Packing and packaging of products in general:
Water activity on foods.
Residual solvents in packings.
Determination of volume of headspace gases.
Scanning electron microscopy.
Sorption isotherm of foods.
Determination of life of packaged products.
Surface treatment in PE films, PP. Integrity of seals.
Volume of free space in containers.
Packaging gas composition (O2, CO2, ethylene, N2).
servicios-fitrDimensional Characterization:
Thickness of layers
Physical Characterisation
Mechanical Properties:
Determination of mechanical properties of plastic. (Tensile strength, elongation at break and modulus of elasticity in longitudinal and transverse).
Determination of Friction Coefficient COF (ASTM D-1894) (coefficient of static friction and dynamic onto both sides of the film)
Determination of Texture in Foods.
Thermal Properties:
Thermal analysis of polymeric materials
Material Identification
servicios-hplcEspectroscopia Infra-Rojo con Transformada de Fourier (FTIR):
Identificación de Materiales Poliméricos.
Análisis Estructural.
Identificación de Aditivos.
Analysis of food packing:
Fat Simulant migration (EEC Legislation and Mercosur).
Simulant migration alternative fats (Law Mercosur).
Aqueous Simulants migration (EEC Legislation and Mercosur).
Determination of Residual Styrene. (National Legislation, EEC).