Food Contact Plastic Safety Laboratory

Packaging allows us to contain and protect food; therefore, they must meet requirements necessary to ensure the safety of the foods they contain.

The LABEN-CHILE Packaging Innovation Centre provides companies and regulatory institutions with the analytical methodology for complying with international legislation (European Union and Mercosur) of plastic materials in contact with Food. To do this, with highly qualified personnel in each of the global migration analyses and specified under the methodology set by the European Union UNE-EN1186 and UNE EN 13130. It has specific identification of components that can be migrated to food from inks, polymer components, solvents, among others. It is performed by high-resolution gas chromatography and liquid to identify and quantify substances. In some cases container components may pass into food in greater concentration than the Regulation.

The safety laboratory is accredited under ISI 17025, granted by the INN Standardization Institute.