Specialized Analytical Services

Antimicrobial Capacity
  • Antimicrobial capacity escherichia coli, staphilococus aureus, innocuous listeria (ASTM 2149).
  • Antimicrobial capacity botrytis cynerea (method by contact).
Characterization of Packaging Materials
  • Thickness - Weight.
  • Determination of mechanical properties in plastic materials. (Tensile strength, rupture elongation and MD/TD elasticity module). ASTM D882.
  • Determination of the COF friction coefficient (ASTM D1894).
  • Seal resistance determination.
  • Surface treatment in films PE, PP. (ASTM D-2578).
Determination of Barrier Properties
  • Oxygen permeability (OTR) ASTM D3985.
  • Water vapour permeability (WVTR) ASTM F1249.
Packaging and Packaging of Products in General
  • Determination of shelf life of processed foods.
  • Food water activity (aw).
  • Determination of texture in food.
  • Composition of gases in head space (oxygen and carbon dioxide).
Identification of Polymeric Materials
  • Thermal analysis to polymeric materials (DSC).
  • Infra-red spectroscopy with fourier transform (FTIR).
Safety Plastic Packaging - Food
  • Global migration with aqueous emulsifiers (EU and Mercosur legislation).

  • Global migration with fatty emulsifiers (EU and Mercosur legislation).
  • Global migration with alternative fatty simulates (EU and Mercosur legislation).
  • Global migration with heptane fatty simulantive (FDAy Mercosur Regulations).
  • Specific migration of bisphenol A (BPA) in food simulating (EU legislation).
  • Specific octene migration in food simulants (EU legislation).
  • Specific migration of terephtalic acid (EU Regulation).
  • Specific migration of mono and ethylene glycol (EU Regulation).
  • Specific migration of metals (barium, cobalt, aluminium, copper, iron, lithium, manganese, zinc and aluminium (EU regulation).
  • Specific migration of violet crystal, leuko violet crystal, malachite green, malachite green leuko, bright green.
  • Determination of residual styrene. (National Legislation and Mercosur).
  • Sensory analysis of packaging (DIN -10955).
  • Quantification of belculamide.