In order to effectively track management in the field of sustainable packaging, it is necessary to use clear and effective indicators such as the consumption of packaging material per tonne product produced and the reduction of consumption of packaging material with relative to a specific baseline.

In order to move towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals Laben-Chile offers companies the following services:

1.- SHIPPING ECODESIGN: Work on different alternative solutions through the initial redesign of the packaging with a focus on decreasing waste generation and recyclability. Ecodesign applies life-cycle thinking, taking into account all the stages that take place from the conception of the packaging to its final management, establishing strategies to close cycles by revaluing packaging waste through the recycling, reuse or composting.

2.- RECYCLABILITY: The new REP Law, Chile's participation in the Plastics Pact and the APL clean production agreement requires a reengineering of the packaging to ensure the recyclability and recovery of them once they become a waste. Recovery requires the adequacy of the physical-mechanical properties of recycled materials.

LABEN CHILE supports the industry in the redesign of its structures with a view to developing recyclable packaging, and the adequacy of post-consumer recycled material for recovery and incorporation into the process as a secondary raw material.

3.- BIODEGRADABILITY AND COMPOSTABILITY: LABEN CHILE has the infrastructure, capabilities and competencies for the conduct of biodegradability, desintegration, and ECOTOXICITY tests. To be the first laboratory at the Latin American level.